Begun in 2002 with the introduction of the popular - and occasionally illegally imitated - "Au" sticker, Anderson United came together in force when three friends mounted a digital video camera on a tripod, duct taped it in the back of a 1982 Ford pickup truck (Truckcam), and aimlessly drove the streets of Golden, Colorado while inebriated on 3.2 Pabst Blue Ribbon beer ("PBR"). Regular weekly (and often daily) PBR drinking sessions quickly devolved into an unheretoforeseen creative frenzy. The Bacchusly inspired trifecta of August (pictured below, with Ckarl Alfredo Garcia), J. Edgar (see above), and Dawnmarie (also above) have produced postcards, promotional videos, one of a kind and limited run silk screened textiles, plush toys, ephemera, lovable comic strip personalities, public appearances, as well as Golden's finest sporadic premiere outdoor fjilm festival.

Thank you, and remember, it's all golden in Golden.



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